Urban Governance

Urban Governance

CHF International helps governments better manage and govern cities so they can improve the quality of life and living standards for all their citizens, creating more inclusive cities. Local governments are struggling with political, technical, and administrative challenges of providing urban services based on the rules of accountability to residents and their own capacity to manage finances and operations.  At the same time, national governments are struggling with ways to decentralize national government powers and encourage better urban development.

Creating sustainable solutions to urban poverty also requires a fundamental redefinition of political relationships between governments and the urban poor. That’s why CHF International encourages new and innovative partnerships between communities and their local governments. From participatory budgeting to community-operated solid waste management systems, relationships between all stakeholder must be re-imagined and platforms for engaging each other must be institutionalized.

CHF International helps local governments develop innovative methods of engaging citizens in urban development processes and becoming more responsive and accountable to the needs of the urban poor. At the same time, CHF International helps marginalized communities, particularly slums, get their voices heard in decision-making processes that directly shape their lives so that services can be designed smarter, with greater acceptance, and instil community ownership and investment.

CHF International India

Learn how CHF International is helping improve urban government in India in the following examples:

In Nagpur, India, CHF International is helping the Nagpur Municipal Corporation and the Slum Rehabilitation Authority develop a city-wide strategy for upgrading all slums in the city, more than 400 slum pockets in total. More...

In Pune, India, CHF is helping the Pune Municipal Corporation and the Urban Development department collect socio-economic information from all residents in the cities slums and use it to deliver services better to these communities. More...

CHF International Global

Learn how CHF International is helping governments around the world to improve their management and governance in the following examples:

Bolivia: Local infrastructure and economic development

West Bank and Gaza: Local Democratic Reform & Transparency Building; Affordable Finance for Home Improvement & Entrepreneurship

Yemen: Strengthening Media and Civil Society

Lebanon: Municipal Economic Strengthening